Ace - Fastest red bell pepper to ripen red.
Flavorburst - Large yellow bells.
Etiuda - Orange bell and Polish heirloom.
Tolli's Sweet Italian - Versatile 5" red salsa/frying pepper.
Chocolate Mini - Small brown bells.
Lunch Box - Small conical sweet peppers that are perfect for snacking.
Biscayne - Variation on the classic Cubanelle frying pepper. 80 days red.
Corno Toro di Gallo - Large yellow Itallian pepper.
Sweet Spot - Prolific banana fruit on disease resistant plants.
Tequila Sunrise - Carrot-shaped 5" sweet fruit on healthy plants. 75 days.
Chervena Chuska - Prolific 5"x 2" red fruit on vigorous plants.
Jimmy Nardellos - Popular red frying pepper. Very sweet!
Chinese Giant - Heirloom red bell.
Sheepnose Pimiento- Prolific small bell-shaped fruit. Trusted heirloom that is quite prolific.