Mexican Strain - Fast growing highly productive plant with 2-3"green fruit.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow - Heirloom variety, yellow with a purple blush.
Purple - Smaller fruit that can turn purple if exposed to enough sun.
Millionaire - Productive and early asian variety.
Victoria - Tasty light red stalks.
Alpine - 'Yellow Wonder' & 'Reugen Improved'. Alpine varieties produce smaller fruit, but have a wonderful taste and work great as an edible ornamental ground cover.
Black Beauty - Large purple Euro-style fruits.
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry - Crawling habit that produces a wealth of small sweet fruit for salsas and pies.
Benton - June-bearer of red fruit. Later, but disease resistant variety. Very sweet if allowed to ripen fully.
Shuksan - June-bearer of red fruit. Tolerates poor drainage and cold temps.
Tillamook - June-bearer of red fruit. Excellent size and flavor of fruit that caps easily. Generous yields.
Hecker - Ever-bearer of red fruit. Large yields from June thru September. Medium sized berries with good flavor.
Sarian - Ever-bearer of red fruit. Disease resistant plants will produce until frost. Small-to-medium sized berries.
Pepinex - English-style cuke, 16-18 inches long
National Pickling - Perfect for brining.
Martketmore - Reliable and productive slicing variety.
Lemon - Heirloom variety with round yellow fruit.
Honey Yellow - Honeydew with sweet yellow flesh.
Little Baby Flower - Desert-size ice-box watermelon.
Charisma - 15-20lb pumpkins perfect for carving.
Dunja - early and productive green zucchini.
Golden Glory - yellow zucchini.
Golden Custard - yellow patti-pan squash.
Oregon Sugar Pod II - Sugar peas perfect for stir fry.
Oregon Trail - Shelling peas.
Copra - Yellow onion, quintessential keeper.
Red Marble - Cipollini-type, nice mild flavor and fair keeper.
King Richard - Leek with thick white shanks.
Evergreen - hardy, vigorous green onion/scallions.
Ailsa Craig - English-heirloom, large sweet yellow onion.
Alyssum - Mulberry Mix
Nasturtium - Alaska Mix, Night & Day, Kaliedescope
Marigolds - Tangerine Gem, Durango Mix, Kilimanjaro, Majestic
Chrysanthemum - Shasta Daisy
Sunflower - Waooh (dwarfing, multi-flowered variety)
Nicotiana - Babybella (deep scarlet color)
Rosita - Italian heirloom, light purple fruit.
Lobelia - Chrystal Palace
Calendula - Flashback Mix (edible flowers)
Snapdragon - Rocket Mix
Zinnia - Profusion Mix
Walla Walla Sweet - Northwest's favorite sweet onion.