Hawaiian Pineapple
Sun Sugar - Super sweet 1" orb of deliciousness.
Koralic - Early red variety that features large fruit.
Blondkopfchen - Prolific and delicious yellow cherry.
Black Cherry - Rich tasting flavor.
Speckled Roman - Interesting striped sauce tomato with good taste.
Azoychka - Early yellow beefsteak with good flavor.
Stupice - Absolutely the earliest best tasting tomato available.
Amish Paste - Classic sauce tomato. Reliable and tasty.
Glacier - Classic early large cherry tomato.
Gold Nugget - Amazing small plant with tons of round yellow fruit.
Cream Sausage - Yellow-white fruit and prolific.
Russian Big Roma - Huge rich deep red fruit on healthy plants.
Orange Oxheart - Heavy producer of large tasty fruit.
Amish Gold - Amish Past/Sungold cross - tasty!
Austin Red Pear - Bushels of red pear-shaped fruit.
Jap. Black Trifele- Rich tasting pear-shaped fruit. Very productive.
Yellow Trifele- Yellow/orange 'Shmoo' fruit - abundant!
Valencia - Great tasting orange slicing tomato.
Early Annie - Early red fruit, good for canning.
Green Zebra- Green with yellow stripes - good zing!
Indigo Rose - New purple colored tomato - unusual and tasty.
Principe Borghese - Large amounts of intense flavor that holds when dried.
Black Sea Man - Medium dark skinned tomatoes on det. plant.
Black Krim - Tremendous flavor in large darkend fruit.
Marvel Stripe - Yellow pleated fruit with red streaks.
Paul Robeson - Large carbon colored fruit with rich complex flavor.
Aunt Ruby's - Large lime-green fruit with a slight spicy taste.
Amana Orange - Vigorous producer of 1.5+lb frumpy fruit. Great flavor.
German Pink - Sweet Flavor in large meaty fruit.
Hawaiian Pineapple - Tropical flavor in a juicy fruit.
Legend - Great early season red fruit on healthy plants.
Vintage Stripe - Pink with gold striped brandywine fruit.
Hawaiian Pineapples
Sun Gold - One of the most sought after cherries.
Fruit Punch Cherry - Large grape-style fruit with intense flavor.
Black Icicle - Relatively new variety, but comes with excellent rounded flavor.
Brandywine - Sudduth strain produces large pink fruits.
Green Grape - Excellent tangy-sweet flavored fruit.
Raspberry Lyanna - Productive with mild medium-sized pink fruit.
Wapsipinicon Peach- Fuzzy yellow-white skin, but great taste.
Isis Candy - Super sweet marbled red-yellow fruit.
Red Robin- Excellent flavor on miniature plants.
Black Zebra- Black with yellow-red stripes - smokey flavor.
Grushovka - Medium sized well balanced fruit on small plants.
Brunete - Large round red fruit that is one of the best tasting beefstakes to be grown. Spanish heirloom.