Alma Paprika (Hungarian) - pudgy shaped pepper that starts yellow and ripens red. Often dried and ground into the common Paprika spice. 1/5 chilis
Pimiento de Padron - Spanish pepper that is picked early in the green stage, sauted and served as tapas. 1/5 chilis
Wenk's Yellow Hot - old classic version of the Hungarian Hot Wax, this pepper is super early and a has good flavor. 2/5 chilis
Golden Greek Pepperoncini - Classic pepper that you find pickled sitting next to your burgers. 1/5 chilis
Beaver Dam - Large blocky pepper with decent heat that is used in salsas, frying, or whatever you need it for. Versitile and reliable. 2/5 chilis
Hinkelhatz - a.k.a. 'chickenheart'. This is a wonderful pepper, thin-walled and quite spicy. This Amish heirloom is great pickled and in salsas. 3/5 chilis.
Black Hungarian - Deep purple fruit that appears black, it's just like it's regular yellow cousin. Fairly warm and great pickled. Ripens red. 2/5 chilis
Fish - Old African-American heirloom popular in the fish houses of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Peppers start out green with white stripes before ripeing full orange red. Variegated leaves make plant ornamental, but the peppers are fabulous addition to fish and many other dishes that need some spice. 2/5 chilis
India Jwala - One of the most popular chili peppers in India. Cayenne-like, but with thinner skins. Good heat - 3/5 chilis
Maule's Red Hot - Heirloom from the southwest, these large thick cayenne peppers are abundant. 2/5 chilis.
Spicy Mustard Habanero - Outstanding habanero pepper in taste and beauty. Large fruits are abundant and ripen to a burnt sienna. 4/5 chilis
Jamaican Hot Chocolate - A smaller plant, it still bushels out the peppers. The fruit ripens a deep chocolate-brown with smokey-fruity taste. 4/5 chilis
Bhut Jolokia - The pepper that drove the scoville unit race. Amazingly hot when compared to the normal habaneros above, it is a favored spice in India and the surrounding countries. 5/5 chilis
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion - I have plants for both red and yellow versions, but the red variety is spicier. Over 2 million Scoville units, according to Guinness. Use with caution! Even though this pepper is off the charts in spice, it retains a great smokey fruity flavor that is wonderful in salsas. It just requires big batches of it to tame down the heat - but it's well worth the trouble. 5/5 chilis.
Carolina Reaper - The latest in a long line of super-hot peppers. Similar to the scorpion peppers, but spicier. 5/5 chilis.
Purple Jalapeno - similar to the early variety except fruit starts out purple before ripening red. Leaves often has purple veins to it as well. 2/5 chilis
Early Jalapeno - Standard variety that is the most popular pepper in America. 2/5 chilis
Serrano Tempiqueno - A slightly larger version of the standard bullet-shaped pepper. Just as hot, this will be a big producer. 2/5 chilis
Aji Amarillo - 4-6" pepper starts out lime green before turning yellow then light brown. Quite spicy with a citrus twist. 3/5 chilis
Aji Lemon - 4" wrinkled fruit starts green before ripening yellow. Tremendous amounts of fruit on tall 3' plants. 3/5 chilis
Manzano - Unusual plant, with 'hairy' pale green leaves. Fruit resembles a small apple with outstanding flavor. I have plants that ripen orange, red, and yellow. They require a long season, sometimes longer than habaneros, but the reward is worth the wait. 3/5 chilis
Magnifico - This poblano variety is absolutely delectible. When ripe red, flesh is apple-sweet and terrific dried. 1/5 chilis
Holy Mole - Long 6-9" fruits start deep green and ripen to chocolate. Sweet smokey flavor, they are popularly made into 'mole' sauce. 1/5 chilis
Thai Orange - A prolific variety that pumps out the firey peppers. 3/5 chilis
Goat's Weed - Somewhat unusual, with 'hairy' leaves and direct upright habit, the peppers start off purple before ripening red. 3/5 chilis
Tabasco - One of the most popular peppers in the US, as it forms the base of the ubiquitous cajun hot sauce.. 3/5 chilis
Sandia - NuMex variety, this is reliable producer for the green chili stew lovers. Ripens red, but mostly used in green stage. 2/5 chilis
Inferno - Long tapered 8-12" peppers start yellow before ripening red. Hotter than most banana peppers, it's thick walls are great grilled.
The 'chilis' at the end of the description indicates spice level. 1/5 chilis is not very spicy. 5/5 chilis is a 5 alarm fire!