Genovese - Most popular type for pesto - somewhat spicy, but sweet.
Thai Sweet - Common variety that has familiar anise taste with spicy zing.
Italian Large Leaf - Another good pesto variety, somewhat less spicy than Genovese.
Siam Queen - Hybrid with better vigor but retains same great flavor for Asian fare.
Lime - Tasty addition to many meals - amazingly tangy.
Mrs. Burns Lemon -
Lemon flavored
leaves to add some zing to
your salad or pasta.
Sweet Mammoth Leaf - Huge floppy leaves with a sweet flavor.
Christmas - Ornamental but edible plant with a pine-like aroma to the leaves.
Holy - Sacred to the Hindus, this heavily scented variety is very clove-like.
Amethyst - Deep purple leaves with a heavy anise flavor.
Purple Dark Opal - Mainly purple leaves, but with some green added in.
Mexican Cinnamon - Sweet and spicy, great for desserts like cheesecakes or fruit.