This all started off as a lark back in 2009. I had just moved into a new house with an enormous back yard. For the first time in years, I had the space to garden like I remembered when I was a kid.

I purchased my first mail-order pepper seeds in June of 2009. I had been on a search for the Manzano pepper. My incessant googling took me to Trade Winds Fruits. I often hear people talk about gateway drugs, and how insiduous they are. Well, this was the gateway website for my current passion - insiduous as it may have been, I think it's worked out okay.

I only purchased a few things that year - yellow, red, and orange manzanos, cascabel, purple jalapeno, and caloro pepper seeds. I didn't know much about seed starting then. I got a few of everything to come up, but it was far too late in the season to have hope of getting fruit. Still, that purchase planted a much larger seed waiting to take root in the spring.

In the early months of 2010, I began trolling the internet for more seeds, looking for anything that I found interesting and unusual. A couple new favorites appeared in and Both offered a wide variety of tomatoes that I have never heard of. I, of course, bought far more than I could possible hope to grow (on an acre farm, I would have had trouble fitting them all in.)

Then, it dawned on me. I'll start a bunch of plants and sell the ones I don't need. Perfect! Making money allows for more seed purchases. Win-Win!

A few craigslist ads later, I actually sold quite a few tomato starts. My peppers, on the other hand, didn't do so well. I had to rush them outside, and I didn't have a good environment for them to be in when it was so cold. They were ravaged by aphids, slugs, and everything else that gets plants in the early spring.

This only whetted my appetite. As depressed as I was of dumping a bunch of poor looking pepper starts, I began devising ways to protect them better. Getting them off the ground into hoop houses and DIY greenhouse structures.

In 2011, I built a great many structures, as my seed starting had ventured into lettuce, brassicas, herbs, and flowers. I procured a spot at the Tigard Area Farmer's Market and Aloha Farmer's Market. I began selling plants at Barbur World Foods. And, I kept up with the craigslist ads as well. All in all, it was a successful year.

For 2017, I'll be supplying plants to Portland Homestead Supply in Sellwood, Concentrates in Milwaukee, Clackamas Feeds in Clackamas, Gerber Feeds in Oregon City, My King's Garden in Hillsboro, and Pistils in NE Portland. However, you can always contact me directly with an email and I'll be happy to invite you to the farm to find something specific that you are looking for.